Rega is the world on which the gods first created sentient life, and the world over which they watch and protect.

It consists of a number of continents, and numerous sentient races both on the surface and deep beneath it, in the underworld.


-Terras: One of the smallest, but second most populous, continent. It is home to many kingdoms, including Moldar, Kalinor, and the Delmini Sultanate.

-Xu-Shian: The most populous continent in Rega, Xu-Shian is dominated between Nanxi and the Hito-Yonan Shogunates.

-Rikavis: The northern pole of Rega, it is controlled by the Rikavan Empire, and its wastes are roamed by barbaric tribes and strange beasts.

-Arkorah: A massive continent of endless mountain chains and gaping chasms, Arkorah is sparsely-inhabited compared to the continents that border it to the east, west and south. Ratfolk, Dwarves, Halflings, Ogres, Orcs, and other dark-loving beasts make their homes here, and humans are almost non-existent in this rough land.

-Madrak: This is a land of heat, sun, endless deserts and twisted rainforests. Gnolls are the primary inhabitants of this harsh land, with humans and halflings living in the jungles and to the far north of the continent.

-Mellos: This continent is the home of the Ani-Marn, and is a place of mountains, dry wastelands, and endless jungles. 

-The Western Wastes: Formally known as 'Nerras', the western wastes were the product of the arrogant magical experimentation of the Martherwin Republic, an experiment that tore apart and reshaped their continent forever. Now only creatures of darkness roam this land – orcs, goblins, kobolds, and worse.

-The Great Mist: A mysterious and gigantic region of the sea covered in a thick and unmoving mist. Any ship that has entered too deep into this mist has never returned.




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